As the name suggests, Sibling Distillery was founded in 2015 by four siblings in Cheltenham; Cicely, Clarice, Felix and Digby. You’ll find reminders of their close relationship throughout the gin making process; even the bottle design reflects their sibling status (the four dots above the logo are spaced out to represent their age differences).

The Tour

Whilst we take our gin very seriously, distillery tours should be both fun and informative. We’ve been on tours that border on patronising or assume a version level of expertise. Instead, Clarice and Cicely delivered perhaps the most entertaining tour we’ve ever had; they are natural presenters and wear their passion and pride for the distillery on their sleeves. They talk quickly and constantly interrupt each other with interesting and witty asides; perfect as it never feels like they are trotting out a well worn script.

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The Tasting

Unusually the gin tasting is unlimited however, unlike most tours, Sibling really mean it. Clarice and Cicely gave us a guided tour through their gin range, but were always on the lookout to top up empty glasses. They provided us with a lovely selection of nibbles to soak it up, and will even let you leave the car overnight if you want to. On the way out, make sure you stock up in the shop as they offer a handy 15% discount for folks on the tour.

Final Thoughts on Sibling Distillery

Sibling Distillery have just relocated across the road to new purpose built premises. The new Sibling Distillery will be bigger, better and if the girls have their way, hopefully a bit warmer too.  Either way, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time. Just make sure you’re not the designated driver!

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Payment: none but Sibling gifted us the tour

Obligations: no obligation to post or editorial control by Sibling over the content

Other: we voluntarily own (and have paid for) every gin Sibling make including a new bottle whilst on the tour

Here’s a post detailing our thoughts on transparent and honest blogging if you are interested in finding out more.

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