Food Envy

If I have one flaw, it would most definitely be food envy. No matter what I order, I’m probably still going to covet every last mouthful of your dinner. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Since their opening last year, Squeezed‘s award winning burgers have been a constant source of salivation and desire. Instagram square after Instagram square of juicy meat, golden brioche bun and overflowing sauce. Check it out now for yourself but be prepared to feel the hunger .

Sadly, although we’d tried to visit Squeezed before, Monday is their much deserved rest day and we were left staring forlornly at the closed door. Not to be caught out again, we visited Wapping Wharf last Friday to get our burger on, having tweeted them on the way to check they hadn’t run out. If you were looking for proof of greatness, surely nothing says it better than queues at the door and the ability to sell out of burgers. Squeezed is crazy popular despite its relative newcomer status and the incredible Bristol burger scene.

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The Burgers

Having arrived in Wapping Wharf and squeezed into Squeezed’s compact recycled shipping container, we were warmly greeted by owner Alex. The menu is short and sweet, with a choice of 6 burgers, but they are no ordinary burgers. They range from the Kimchi Kardashian (beef patty, smoked bacon, kimchi, monterey jack, peanut chipotle BBQ sauce and nori aioli) to the N. Y. Seoul (patty, monterey, gochujang burger sauce, pickles and confit shallots).

Deciding to keep it straightforward and reduce my food envy, Sarah and I both ordered the St. Werburger, two deliciously ground and seasoned patties, monterey, shallots confited in butter and beef dripping, chipotle tomato relish and a delicious smoked bacon and caper aioli. Needless to say, it was bloody delicious! A perfectly cooked patty, dripping cheese, tang from the capers to cut through the fat, and a subtle smokiness from the chipotle and bacon. Perhaps my favourite burger since Hereford legends, The Beefy Boys.

I’ll warn you now, you’ll need napkins. A lot of napkins. The griddled bun is soft, tasty and robust enough to stay together despite the flavour sensation spilling out; this is a juicy mother though and your fingers will be dripping. On the side, we got some tasty ancho chilli fries which were cooked fresh to order and beautifully crisp. Top tip: the peanut chipotle BBQ sauce makes a great dip too!

Not content to master just one food, Squeezed also specialises in homemade lemonades. You might ask so what? With innovative flavours like watermelon and rosemary ‘Pinky Punk’ and the ‘Stay Puft’ toasted marshmallow on offer though, you’ll regret not getting one to wash it all down.

Final Thoughts on Squeezed

The burgers are exceptional, prices are very keen, and the service is spot on. Bristol has a much discussed reputation for being full of burger joints but I sure am glad that this one squeezed in.

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