If you hadn’t already heard the good news, those wonderful folk at The Bottle of Sauce have brought their brunch back to the streets of Cheltenham. Even better, there’s 25% off throughout August. We went along last weekend to check it out…

The Brunch Menu

After some much needed tea and coffee to kickstart a dreary Sunday morning, we got down to the serious business of choosing our food. As well as more familiar options such as ‘The Boss Man’ full English, The Bottle is also offering some incredible sounding breakfast burgers and buns. We didn’t try them this time around, but we’ll be back for the meaty stacks soon.

Sarah chose ‘The Mighty Veggie’ to kickstart her Sunday morning. A mix of classics such at hash browns and mushrooms and the more interesting leek and cheese croquette. The croquette could have been a stodgy hot mess; thankfully, The Bottle have instead packed intense flavours and a decent texture into a golden parcel of goodness. It’s a great addition to the breakfast plate; almost good enough to tempt me away from a meaty full English. Sarah wants it as an optional extra on their burger menu, so you can take it from her that it’s pretty tasty.

Some Waffle About Waffles

Most excitingly, The Bottle of Sauce have introduced waffles into the brunch mix. I’m talking the real deal; crisp, golden shells yielding to a buttery, fluffy interior. The perfect vessel for lashings of sweet maple syrup.

As Captain of this particular vessel, I sailed past the standard menu options of blueberries, maple and bacon or succulent buttermilk chicken, a fried egg and a honey / chilli drizzle. My desert island brunch: waffles piled high with crisp, juicy, chicken, salty bacon crisp enough to ping across the table and sweet, syrupy goodness. A slight mix up meant I gained a fried egg and had to ask for the bacon; I’d have made them walk the plank, but by this point my timbers had already been well and truly shivered.

For me, this is the perfect brunch combination of flavours and textures. I’m also petitioning The Bottle of Sauce to adapt it as a ‘Burger of the Month’ special; waffles for buns, tender buttermilk chicken, crisp streaky bacon, a slice of Swiss, sriracha and lashings of maple syrup to boot. I reckon it would quickly become a Cheltenham legend. Who’s onboard?

Final Thoughts on Brunch at The Bottle of Sauce

The Bottle practically became Cheltenham’s favourite burger joint overnight when it first opened – the fact we had already visited for our burger fix earlier in the week is testament to how much we love this place too. Their first foray into brunch was positive, but never really got established. Now it’s back with a vengeance and I can see it becoming both a refuge for the hungover and a fun, family friendly hangout. The cool decor and friendly, casual service is unrivaled in Cheltenham and is a huge part of why we continue to visit. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

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