If the mere mention of ‘The Beefy Boys’ causes your friends or family members to start salivating, they’ve either visited The Meat Boutique in Hereford for a tasty burger or have a tendency to be a bit of a perv.

Not being huge fans of baby oil or tighty whities, Adam and I were therefore very pleased to arrive last week and find burgers on the menu at The Beefy Boys‘ first restaurant in Hereford. Having been invited over to sample the menu, we were keen to decide for ourselves if they truly deserve the vast array of awards they’ve won. These include ‘Best Burger’ at local foodie fest Grillstock and The World Food Championships.

The location

The Beefy Boys are located in The Old Market, a new shopping complex with a cinema and loads of brilliant high street stores. There’s ample parking within spitting distance and a Waitrose in the complex to boot. Walking past a few chain restaurants, The Beefy Boys immediately stood out as being independent and cool amongst its neighbours – already a clear winner for me.

Speaking of winning, “The Beefy Boys” started out as four friends who loved to BBQ; fast forward a few years and they were using World Food Championships prize money to set up their first restaurant. You’ve got to love a passion filled origin story!

Arriving on a busy Friday lunchtime, we were greeted with a smile by one of the friendly team and seated quickly. I’d definitely recommend booking if you can; walk-ins are fine but it was still pretty busy even at 3.30 when we left.

The menu

Having had a long week at work, our eyes were quickly drawn to some pretty delicious sounding boozy milkshakes; Adam opted for the Mango Unchained (mango infused rum, Chase marmalade vodka, Kelsmor ice cream, mango puree, whipped cream, topped with dried mango and a brilliant pun to boot) whilst I decided to go all out and indulge in a (booze free) Millionaire Shake – a salted caramel shake topped with a chunk of salted caramel brownie… heaven!

The food menu is pretty extensive with an entire page of specials. I decided I simply had to try an original ‘Beefy Boy’ burger, with a side of millionaire fries. Think Parmesan, truffle oil and chives generously heaped onto perfectly seasoned fries, served with smoked chipotle dipping sauce. Yum! Adam opted for the ‘Mexican Boy’ served with all the trimmings and a wedge of lime. Thankfully they more than lived up to expectations.

I love burgers too much to restrict myself to just one favourite but these were right up there. Quality local ingredients, pink and juicy, fluffy sourdough semi-brioche buns (but still robust enough to not disintegrate) and loaded with indulgent but well balanced toppings. Bravo Beefy Boys, bravo!

On the side

Releasing his inner piggy, Adam went all in on a mahoosive plate of bacon fries; they’re topped with crispy bacon dust and homemade baconnaise, then finished with two pieces of streaky bacon. Man, these were some of the tastiest fries either of us have ever enjoyed. Thank God the baconnaise isn’t available to buy in a jar, otherwise we’d have snapped up the entire batch.

The mention of takeout boxes for leftovers was persuasion enough to add mac ‘n’ cheese balls and some ninja wings to the order. The balls were perfectly indulgent morsels; crispy breadcrumbs on the outside, and gooey, cheesy heaven inside. They were also topped with bacon dust and Parmesan, accompanied by chipotle ketchup.

The wings are twice cooked with soy, garlic, honey and sesame seeds, served with a spicy sriracha. I have to admit, as big Korean BBQ sauce devotees, we were a little gutted that they’d run out of their homemade sauce and we couldn’t have Kpop wings, but the ninja wings were still a very tasty addition. It’s also a great excuse to return very soon!

The Beefy Boys’ experience

The service was excellent; friendly and efficient, without feeling rushed. There was a tiny issue with the colour of my burger (I’d asked for well done and it was fractionally too pink), however it was dealt with swiftly and had zero impact on the enjoyment of our meal. The food was so plentiful it more than kept me occupied until my new and freshly cooked burger came out. Having experienced plenty of places that are achingly awkward when dealing with fairly simple issues, it was a refreshing change.

Something else I loved is that almost all of their food is locally sourced, including 100% Herefordshire beef from a local butcher and farmer, and the many interesting sauces made on site. If I had one request for the boys, it would be to add sweet potato fries to their menu. I reckon they would have gone down especially well with the bites of Adam’s Mexican burger that I sneakily pinched.

Whilst we had to admit defeat and take some food home, we generously shared some with Adam’s younger brother. He’s not prone to bouts of emotion but, for the first time, I think he genuinely expressed brotherly love. Love you Dave!

From their origins to the food to the staff, it is clear that passion runs throughout this relatively young business. I’m not sure if they have any plans to expand soon, but if they come to the Cotswolds or Bristol, we’ll be first in the queue!

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