The Malt House Emporium in Stroud is truly an Aladdin’s cave of cool and quirky vintage beauty. Filled to the rafters with row after row of beautiful one off pieces, I could spend an entire weekend in there, magpie that I am, and never get bored. I absolutely love it, and within seconds find many a treasure to covet.

This particular trip was no less satisfying than normal; within seconds I had found a vintage Coca Cola crate that I “needed” along with some rather smart animal mugs which put a smile on my face right away. The real treasure (or at least for me) was a beautiful vintage nursery rhyme print for which I currently have no use, or indeed child. With this in mind, and after a rather stern “NO!” from Adam, I reluctantly agreed to “wait until we actually have children”, despite the little voice in my head whispering to me that we should just buy it now and stash it away. For those of you who a) have children and b) are interested, there is a photo of said piece of gorgeous wall art in our gallery below.

In addition to the gloriously gorgeous items I stumbled across, Adam found himself quite taken with a ‘General Store’ sign as well as some industrial inspired star and alphabet wall lights, which we intend to have in our bedroom soon.

One thing we both like about the Malt House is that no two trips are ever the same; the sheer variety and speed at which the stock appears to turn around makes for an always exciting visit. Coupled with friendly and attentive staff, and a lovely little cafe, this is quite simply a place you must visit.

I must admit to one huge regret with regards to this place of wonder; when the Malt House first opened, it offered up the chance to purchase a vintage bus blind for Westonbirt Arboretum. I was beyond myself with excitement when I saw it on their Facebook page as my husband had proposed to me there, under the willow tree surrounded by tiny glittering lights and bubbles, four years previously. The chance to own this sign filled me with the most wonderful sense of “YES! This is what our home, filled with so many symbols of our love, needed”. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, Adam and I were in Sussex visiting a poorly relative and couldn’t get there to purchase it. We visited three days later just as soon as we could, but it had gone, hopefully to a home filled with love and to someone who has a similar attachment to Westonbirt as we do. I actually cried in the car park. Ridiculous I know…

My one big regret aside, there is simply nothing not to love about this wonderful place. I urge you all to visit right away and with a full purse, prepared to spend on the treasures you will inevitably uncover.

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