I’ll let you into a little secret; I love cacti and succulents. Our home is absolutely full of these tiny green plants, so when Adam and I were invited over to The Willow Tree in Cheltenham for a fun evening of terrarium making, I was excited…

The Willow Tree

If you haven’t strolled down Cheltenham’s lower High Street recently, you might not have stumbled upon the joy that is The Willow Tree. If not, you must pop in next time you are in town. You can thank me later!

The Willow Tree is owned by the very talented and lovely Amber, and looks suspiciously like my Instagram feed brought to life with lots of artwork, greetings cards and cute gifts filling the shelves. It’s even better when you realise that much of what’s on offer is made by local designers, artists and crafts people, Amber included! They also host a wide array of fun creative workshops, hen dos and parties in the shop.

Making our Terrariums

Whilst I love all things creative, I’m not a huge fan of workshops where it feels like you have gone back to school. I like to do things properly, but I also want to have fun too. I have done a few before where it become very serious and everyone was rather put off the activities. Lucky then, that Amber and her partner in crime for the workshop, Ashleigh, were so enthusiastic and friendly. Their personalities really shone through and got everyone involved, even Adam!

I had no idea how important the preparation was, but luckily we had an expert leading us. As well as being a super talented creative with her own business, Bert Illustration, Ashleigh is a succulent enthusiast and fountain of plant care knowledge. She also shares my habit of naming every single plant she owns. Amber and Ashleigh demonstrated each step as we went along, explaining what we needed to do to prepare our terrariums for the plants.  I couldn’t resist a making a cheeky boomerang of the process…

Adam and I decided to make one terrarium between us so that we could take photos. Most of the time we make a great team, though I think my perfectionism irritates Adam at least 70% of the time when we’re doing anything vaguely creative. Fortunately for me, he’s had almost a decade to get used to it, so it wasn’t really a shock to either of us when I started redoing little bits and bobs… (I am a total nightmare…)

I actually found the session quite therapeutic; the perfect way to wind down after a long day in the office. There’s definitely something special about learning a new skill or a new approach to something you enjoy. Aside from this, it’s always great to get out and meet new people too.

The finished article…meet Bob!

 I knew within mere seconds of looking at our cacti that his name would be Bob. This little guy reminded me of a Minion – albeit a green, spiky one. Doesn’t he look smart in his shiny new terrarium?

The Cacti Terrarium Workshop costs £20. This includes the brass box terrarium and a cactus, plus the soil, grit and pebbles to make your terrarium complete.

What other workshops are on offer at The Willow Tree?

The cacti terrarium workshop is just one of their extensive series of creative craft workshops, tutorials and networking opportunities. You can find out more here.


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