Coastal Memories…

Having grown up by the seaside in Sussex, it would be fair to say that I am a coastal girl at heart. Whilst this blog and my Instagram page show just how much I love my life in the Cotswolds, something I miss more than anything is watching waves crashing on the shore, with sand between my toes and the smell of salt in the air.  So I can completely understand why Helen Baker, having moved from Cornwall to Bath 18 months ago, felt the need to decorate her new home with the Cornish coastal influences she is so fond of.

You’ll note that I said coastal. There is a undeniably a huge selection of clichéd nautical homeware available; think anchors, seagulls and fishing boats.  But that isn’t really my style and to be honest, it isn’t really what I remember when I think of my own coastal childhood. Luckily for me, and homes everywhere, Helen shares this view. Having struggled to find suitable soft furnishings for her home she set about creating her own, using her own experiences in Cornwall as her inspiration…

…and so the “You can take the Girl out of Cornwall” collection was born.

We went along to The Makery in Bath (a quick shout out to this incredible shop/workspace; if you love crafting, you absolutely must visit – you can thank me later…) for the launch. The launch party was fab; we sipped Cornish fizz, enjoyed canapes and Cornish Cream teas and got to chat to the lovely Helen Baker too. Her passion for both her work and the coast is almost tangible – she really does live and breathe the coast.

Helen also explained a little about the her colour palette choices. In order to meet her own needs at home Helen has designed her fabrics in gender neutral colours, satisfying her own desire for pretty without upsetting her husband and young boys by introducing too many feminine touches. Whilst I am quite lucky as Adam generally lets me get away with my styling choices, I still try to choose soft furnishings and accessories that won’t make him want to hide behind a cushion and cry.  I’ve also never liked the idea of dressing boys in blue and girls in pink so, if and when Adam and I have children, Helen’s collection will certainly tick a lot of boxes for us.


Like Helen, my colour palette of choice is heavily influenced by the coast; think shades of blue, yellows, greys and turquoise, so I was in my element photographing her work. There are 6 beautifully simple, contemporary designs available in a range of bright and fresh colours; my personal favourites are the Cornish Clouds in ‘Mizzle’ (light grey) and ‘Saffron’ (yellow), and the Raindrops in ‘Atlantic’ (dark blue) and ‘Cove’ (blue/green). That said, I would happily have all Helen’s designs scattered around my house to remind me of home. The brighter colours would be great for accessorising a neutral room, whilst the slightly more muted colours would definitely fit in with a Scandi theme.

Helen Baker, Home, Lamp, Cushion, FabricsHelen Baker, Home, Fabrics, Lampshade, Hanging

Helen Baker, Home, Fabrics, Cushion, Dressed

Happily, the fabrics are printed in the UK on 100% natural cotton, using eco-friendly inks. It might be slightly more expensive to do, but it guarantees the quality and ensures that you can have both a beautiful interior and a clear conscience.


Helen’s collection includes lampshades and cushions as well as fabrics by the metre if you fancy getting creative. You can buy them from Helen Baker Home online.

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